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Handcrafted in New York City


270 Lafayette Street, Suite 803, New York City

House of Lafayette is a label of high-end hats and cocktails pieces, handmade in New York City with love. Every House of Lafayette piece is unique – each color combination, rich fabric and unexpected trim is carefully chosen to create one-of-a-kind classical yet modern pieces.

The HoL feather is inspired by Greek mythology just like the one of a Phoenix, which promises eternal life. Inking a feather from this mythical bird is said to be one way of displaying your immortality: Long life to House of Lafayette…

Ultimately, House of Lafayette has one mission: to put the hat back in the spotlight and to let it become what it used to be – the indispensable accessory to a daytime or night time outfit. HoL will be the hat you pass down from generation to generation by its timeless design and quality.


Born and raised in France, the epicenter of the latest trends and styles, Virginie Promeyrat has always been exposed to world of fashion. Frequently stealing hats from her grandfather as a little girl, she grew strong affection toward mens hats ever since. She received her Master in business administration and moved to New York 15 years ago for an internship and later on to work at the Chanel Corporation. Virginie Promeyrat spent years making hats that have classical and elegant shapes and transforming them into modern yet original pieces by picking the perfect combination of colors, fabrics and trims. Combining her passion for collecting hats and her extensive knowledge of fashion, she now brings her own unique style and whimsical vision to the world of millinery.

She is proud to be a member of the CFDA since July 2014.

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Made-To-Measure Hats

Hats are ready to wear in 2 to 3 weeks. We can accept rush orders for an additional fee. Please schedule an appointment for the made-to-measure experience. Our atelier is located at 270 Lafayette Street, Suite 803 in NYC.

All The Pretty Details

Choose the hat shape, color and material that suits your style. Hand pick your own couture detailing from our collection of ribbons, brooches, jewels, feathers and antique appliques. Our designers are here to help you create the perfect hat!

The Perfect Fit

Head is measured for personal comfort and fit satisfaction. Hat size is easily determined by loosely placing a soft measuring tape around your head about an inch above your eyebrows. Hint: always round up to the nearest 1/4″